Sunday, August 17, 2008

Don't mess with me I raised a Sailor and Sleep with a Biker

I added 2 new designs for Navy parents.

The first design is this "Don't mess with me I raised a Sailor and I sleep with a Biker" design.

This design is great for any Sailor's parent whose significant other is a biker. You can add some attitude and a few laughs to your day!

The next design was made to go with this Raised a Sailor Sleep with a Biker design. It is a simple Navy Mom design with an Anchor.

See more shirts with this Navy Mom design on them.

These two designs are also available in a combination with the Don't mess with me I raised a Sailor and I sleep with a Biker design on the front and the Navy Mom design on the back (on some items such as the hoodie the Navy Mom is on the front and the Don't mess with me I raised a Sailor is on the back.

View the Raised a Sailor Sleep with a Biker Navy Mom shirts here.

- Proudly Supporting Our Military

New Designs for Proud Military Moms

I've just added some new designs for our Military Moms.

- Proudly Supporting Our Military

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just around the corner

I've been super busy this summer with the kids being out of school the past few months. They go back to school on Monday and I must say that I can't wait. Then I will be able to get more designs added to my shop. I will have more time to get things lined up with another store that I am working on at another POD. I can get back to posting on my blogs more regularly and get some new icons and layouts added to my myspace. Right now it just seems that there isn't enough time in the day to do everything that needs to be done.

- Proudly Supporting Our Military

Friday, August 01, 2008

New Travel Mugs, Journal Upgrades and New Clocks

We now have new products available to put our Military designs on. The designs that were up prior to these new products being added can be added to these new products however it will take me a while to go back and get them added. In the meantime if you would like to have one of my designs on one of these new products and it hasn't gotten added to it yet. Just send me a message to and let me know which design and what item you want it added to and I will get it added right away.

The Journals have been upgraded. These items are already available in the store. The Journals are now available with a choice of four paper options: blank, lined, dot grid, and task journal. Furthermore, the front cover has been upgraded to a 12 point glossy paper and laminated for durability.

Deployment Thoughts Ocean JournalDeployment Thoughts JournalDeployment Thoughts Water JournalDeployment Thoughts Water Reflections Journal

We have a new Ceramic Travel Mug. It’s also a workhorse — thanks to a solid design with steel inner-sleeve that’s ideal for hot or cold beverages. Holding a full 15 oz. and fitting into most vehicle’s cup holders (includes snap-tight lid), it’s also a great choice for travel.

Measures 7″ tall
Ceramic outer shell, with stainless steel inner sleeve
Gasket-sealed lid, with snap tight closure
Hand wash only
Marine Corps Mug

Two new clocks are now available. Check it out!

With a stylish aluminum body and sturdy glass face, this Modern Wall Clock is both great-looking and durable. Measuring 14″ in diameter, it’s perfect for the office, kitchen, TV room, or wherever you need that modern touch. Featuring Quartz movement for true accuracy, it operates on a single “AA” battery (included).

Modern Wall ClockNavy Modern Wall Clock

Measuring an impressive 17″ in diameter, this Large Wall Clock is easy to read from across the room. Ideal for the game room, garage, or wherever people gather, it features a rugged plastic body and face. The eye-catching clock has quality Quartz movement and operates on a single “AA” battery (included).

Large Wall ClockUSMC Semper Fi Large Wall Clock

- Proudly Supporting Our Military