Saturday, July 15, 2017

Seniors get ready for school to start back!

It is almost that time of the year! School with be starting back with a brand new set of high school and college seniors! What an exciting time for them! Are you looking for a shirt for that first day of school? Or just looking for a gift for your soon to be Class of 2018 graduating high school or college senior?  Grab one of these cute Class of 2018 Senior shirts!  Don't wait until the end of the school year! Show your Senior Pride for the entire year!

Class of 2018 Senior tee
Class of 2018 Senior Large Baby Blue

You can customize these two cute graduation penguin shirts with your choice of graduation year! One offers the year on the feet of the penguin and the other offers the custom year on the graduation cap.  (they have other items available with this design other than shirts as well... onesies, buttons, mugs, cups, cards and more!) This design can work for you no matter what year your kid will be graduating from newborns through college!

There is also a more classic Class of 2018 design! (a pink version is also available).  

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